10 tips to get more fans for your band

conseguir más fans para tu banda


That golden age in which the girls glued in their folders photos of their favorite bands and singers went down in history. Nowadays the musical panorama has changed a lot in part due to the digital era that is imposed in any area of ​​our life. There are many people who are reluctant to get in the car of the new forms of communication but if you dedicate yourself to the world of music and you have your own band you can not stay in the ditch.

You do not need to sign up for any course of digital marketing expert from a prestigious university. You just have to have a little common sense, good organization and a desire to peer into the social media balcony to achieve the goal of increasing your number of fans by promoting your musical work.


The digital age prevails in any area of our life


In this message to help mark a line of work to be successful on this parcel that customers that a little laziness. Do not be discouraged! At first it will cost you but when you see the results you will feel satisfied.
To clarify more the panorama we have consulted Dani Aragón an expert in the matter, who from his blog.


  1. One way to break the ice is to make a small action plan in which you pick up the points that you know you can improve and propose very concrete realizable goals to solve them with sportsmanship.
  2. If you do not already have one, it’s time for you to set up a good website. You do not have to be a programmer. With affordable hosting and the fascinating wordpress you can do real wonders. On the internet there are many tutorials with which you can learn to do it yourself if you can not convince someone to do it for you. Of course, once you start it, you have to keep the information up to date, especially regarding upcoming concerts. Think that your web will be like your “digital home” where you will receive the visits of your fans to entertain them with your music.


get more fans for your band

  1. The time has come to open up the social profiles of the band. Nor do you have to have presence in all social networks. Think of those that best suit your style. The important thing is to have a very visual concept hanging good photos of the group and posters where you announce your next bowling. And do not forget to answer your community and thank the compliments.


A little common sense, good organization and a desire to peek into the social media environment is what you need to increase your number of fans


  1. Hire a good photographer to get a memorable book. It is something essential in this audiovisual moment in which we are. And if you can already allow to record a video of one of your songs you are creating your own content to dynamize your profiles. Nor can you forget the recording of a good demo that will serve as a cover letter for the rooms or festivals that you plan to attend.


  1. Another way to get more fans is to record and photograph your performances with a certain quality. This way you will contribute to your fans being the ones that broadcast your concerts and you will reach more people.


get more fans for your band

  1. You can not keep out of the world so it is good to go to concerts of other groups to meet other musicians and do some networking to see what is cooked in the music market.


  1. In our list of tips we encourage you to participate in contests for bands that organize town halls or festivals. You will be able to make room for yourself in the poster and free promotion in print and digital media.


  1. Try by all means to keep a live concert schedule. Get in touch with local people in your city or your environment, so it will be easier for you to gather your audience and get a receptive audience that gives you good feedback.


  1. Offer to play altruistically and share your music at events in favor of some charitable cause. We must help and support the shoulder, whenever possible, as music can give voice to many realities that otherwise would be invisible.


get more fans for your band


  1. To end up stay in the cloud. No, it’s not a joke. We talk about uploading your music to the cloud with applications to share your compositions and explore a new dimension in music composition.


And if you want to continue browsing the exciting world of music marketing we recommend that you follow the Musicalizza blog by Dani Aragón, there you will find all the tools necessary to become a star!

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