Who are we?

We are ReVibrans.


We are a team of thinkers, creative and innovative technologists who generate brilliant ideas and put them into action.
We are joined by blood and love for music, some of us have experienced the adrenaline of the stage, we have worked in the music industry or in new technologies.
We are persistent people, with a certain degree of madness … and creativity.
Adding skills, know-how, technological and human resources, infinite patience and a huge commitment, we will turn Revibro into reality and revolutionize the music industry, with this concept, created with head and heart for the sake of music and the musicians!
Join the Revolution!
Team Equipo Revibro Martín
Martín Folatelli: Revibro founder & CEO

Creative, film director, Producer & Musician, his passion for music led him to live the last 12 years in the holy city of Varanasi, India,
where he studied violin, tabla, vocal and percussions.He set up his own recording studio and label, “Mr. Sound”.This allowed him to meet musicians from all over the world.
During his professional career Martin highlighted his abilities combining logic and intuition with analytical and creativity.

“Today I have this dream in it’s beta version, and nothing will stop me to see this musical ecosystem functioning successfully”

equipo Revibro Bruno
Bruno Barlocco: Founding Partner and Development Manager.

His field of expertise :Research and IT development.
Passionate about music, programming, and multiculturalism, he decided to be part of a project that travel trought all of them.
As the main contribution to the Revibro team, Bruno has led and coordinated the developing of code for the Revibro app and designed the .MAF format. He has enormous creative and research capacity in this field.

“I know any imaginable program is technically feasible, although many   development companies say no , with intuition, time and research, anything can be implemented”

Team Equipo Revibro Cecilia
Cecilia Tarelli: Founder member Holiapps / Head of strategy , culture and talent management partner.

She has founded several successful projects in Argentina and Spain. More than 15 years of experience in the digital environment. Humanist, music , philosophy,  culture lover and innovative personality. She began following the footsteps of her family in the business of audiovisual production, assuming different roles in the production, art, marketing and communication departments. Parallelly studied Social Anthropology at the University of Buenos Aires. This brought her a systemic view of reality. Later she formed herself in other disciplines such as strategic marketing directing and Ontological Coaching.

“If you connect talented people achieved it incredible things”

Join the Music Revolution!

Join the Music Revolution!

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