How can Revibro bring the communicative force of Rap music to its higher state?

Rap has been the music genre chosen by many to communicate and address social issues and feelings.

During the late 80´s, the stye was born in New York, allowing young black people to express themselves and protest against injustices.

Many years later RAP is established as a communicative form of art that mixes beats with spoken word.

Young people have always needed a way of expression, not only as a desire but also as their mission in society.

The urge to make a difference and exteriorize some matters which need voice, has brought artists to write songs, and use them as the strongest weapon of all.

It´s been years since this genre was born and not much has change since its settlement.

It is time to provide Hip Hop and Rap music with an innovation that can raise the bar in terms of achieving the goal of communication.

We know it is not enough to feel the beat with Rap music, you must hear the words, embrace them, and undertand its core meaning.

We find in this a barrier that can not be denied, and it exists as a form of limitation for that message to be spread around the world: The Language.

A song in Spanish can only comunicate  its meaning to a Spanish speaker. This is ok when the universal language of music is comunicating abstract feelings, but it means a problem when words need translation, when without it the message is lost.

If you thought that we already explained you too many ways in which Revibro can revolutionize Music, you haven´t heard all yet.

Our app offers the chance to select different tracks for the same instrument, including the voice. This means that the artist can provide multiple recordings of the voice, with many different singers or just in different languages, so that the audience can hear the song in the selected language or aleatory.

This is particulrly useful in Hip Hop or Rap tyles, because the songs in which the lyrics are so important can now be multilayered, complex and offer a new way of communicating their message.

Their audience can be expanded because listeners who speak different languages could now understand the lyrics and even sing along.

Words matter, and Revibro has thought of a way to celebrate this importance, by allowing words to become moldable.

Now social issues and history facts can be comunicated in Rap songs all around the world, and anyone, who is willing to, can listen.

If you would like to see your favourite artists include various versions of the same song in different languages, please support Revibro and help us grow. This Revolution will only be possible with your precense and collaboration.

You can download the app for free, try it out, spread the word and witness the innovation Music was waiting for.


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