How Does it Work?

Our brand-new designed multi version music format (.maf) contains all the music layers you need to start composing new and vibrant versions.

Join the revolution. Easy. Simple. Free.


Click the center button and automatically generate new versions of the same song in .maf (Multi audio file) format.

Manually, the Revibro button lets you interact directly with each of the available instruments and voices.

Save your favorite version.


  • Dynamic: Each song can contain thousands of versions.
  • Upgradeable: The projects are open and the artist can continue to add voices and instruments to the same song.
  • Multi Karaoke instrumental in high quality, mute voice or any instrument.
  • Multiversion example: The artist can include individual vocal tracks in different languages. The combination of 6 x 5 versions instruments offers 15,625 variations.
  • Multi language


  • Plays all the music stored in the user device (mp3, wav, flac)
  • Our new multi version music format “.maf”
  • Scans your device and creates a library by artist, album, songs and genres, plus our file music explorer.
  • Show album arts of all your music.
  • Play All button for instant hearing.
  • AutoPlay feature for hearing music without even one touch!
  • We detect non-music audio files and exclude them from library!
  • Constant development of new specs
  • One click instant playlist with the group of your choice (Artist/Album/Genre)
  • Save and name sorted playlists, explore them in library.
  • In-app store with multi version music available.-
  • Ads free
  • Create your own song versions and save them as favorites.Shuffle All, in 1 click.
  • Playlist, repeat, repeat 1, shuffle search, 5 Band Equalizer

Join the Music Revolution!

Join the Music Revolution!

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