Revibro paired up with upcoming artist Boy Flow for some electro latin multiversion songs

Latin rhythms are conquering the world.

Since the birth of the Electro Latin genre, which comprises of electronic sounds and other music styles of latin roots, audiences of all ages around the globe have danced to it.

Let’s face it, there is no other sound more catchy, inviting and seductive than the latin, and mixed with electronic beats, it’s impossible to ignore. You just need to dance to it.

There is a force that drives you to the song, it fills you with energy and lifts you spirit.

Since the late 2000’s artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez have brought a latin soul to their albums, spreading the vibe to massive audiences.

It has become extremely popular in Europe, especially in Spain.

Young generations don’t know a world without electro latin. This music is part of their culture, sounds and music that tell stories about them, their colleagues, their friends, their families and their everyday experiences. Music that keeps their spirit high and protects their joyful approach to their own life.

Revibro has paired with upcoming artist Boy Flow to create a multiversion song that will make you dance like no other.

He is a young artist from Madrid, a piano player and composer who performs romantic, young and fun songs.

His path in the music world has led him into writing dance songs with sentimentalism, engaging with audiences of all ages.

At his young age he is able to create his own music influenced by Colombian Reggaeton, European Dance and American R&B.

His dynamic and confident performances are a great example of entertainment, mixing some of his own hits with popular songs of the same genre.

If you download our app you can try his multiversion song.



There is a  Survey on our Facebook page in which you can vote for your favourite version.

Give Revibro a try and discover the diversity of this young talent.


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