What to do when you are bored? Revibro has some ideas for you.

We’ve all been there. So bored that we cannot get any ideas on how to break the circle.

The more bored you are the less you do to stop it.

It is kind of addictive if we think about it. There should be a BA (Bored Anonymous) to help us when we are struggling with boredom.  But there’s not.

So here is our little grain of sand.

A list of things you can jump into if you are ever feeling bored.

Things that will change your mood instantly if you make the small effort of recognizing your problem and wanting to change.

Follow these simple instructions to avoid feeling heavy and tired when you haven’t done anything at all in the whole day!

As you could imagine, the following list is dedicated to all music lovers and musicians who relates with the concept of having fun and enjoying anything if it is about music.

So here we have a bunch of silly things you can do to stop that horrible feeling of being bored, while not yet investing your time in a productive way which you’d be doing if you weren’t bored yet.

Follow lyrics and sing along

I have this memory of myself falling in love with an album and looking for all the lyrics online.

I would sing along reading the lyrics over and over again until I knew all the words by heart.

I usually did this when the house was empty, and I could lie on the couch and not sing along but more “scream along” to those songs at max volume.

http://www.azlyrics.com is a great site for this. Just look for your favourite songs and sing as loud as you can. In your head you will sound great, and who cares, no one is judging…


Organize your music collection

But not in any boring traditional way like chronologically or alphabetically.

Put them in the order in which each album came to your life.

Write down anecdotes and dates and names, the ones you remember when listening to the songs.

This takes a while. Like a looooot of time.

It is great to start doing it when you are bored because it could make you feel like you are doing something productive (which is a big lie, cause having your albums in order is completely useless) and it will take over many hours of your life, that at least you are not wasting on staring at your Facebook feed (which is even more useless than an organized music collection)


Learn a new instrument with instructions online.

There are countless of youtube videos with modern methods to quickly learn instruments such as piano or guitar. Without knowing how to read music, with a little patience and concentration you can end your day, maybe, knowing how to play evanescence on the keyboards.

If this seems too hard for you, why not trying something like the tambourine or the xylophone.

I will particularly look for ukulele lessons. I’ll tell you how it went later.

I love this tagline: “If you don’t learn piano using this ‘numbering system’ you are wasting your time”

Or “If you can count to 8 you can be an ‘instant piano genius’” please give it a try


Find you idol address and send him/her a letter

It is not hard these days, with globalization and internet, to find someone’s contact details.

Sometimes you have things to say kept inside, why should you?  Write a letter with all those words you have inside your head, those questions, comments or reproaches you’ve been willing to tell your idol.

Why did you write this song? What did you mean? Why did you sell yourself? How come you let your relationship get between you and your bandmates?

Or maybe you have some suggestions, or you would like to thank them for some impact they had in your life.

All this is possible, and the decision to read the letter or not, or to answer you or not, is now in their hands.

You cannot blame yourself anymore for not having these answers. You did what you could.

You did it one day you were bored as hell and you can now feel good about it.

Make a playlist for someone you love

There used to be a time where making tapes as a gift for someone was a regular practice. After the digital era took over, that practice was lost. But with the birth of Spotify, making playlists is back in fashion.

You can choose songs that communicate what you cannot put on words.

Maybe someone already wrote a song about it and it sounds so much better than your lame wanna be poems. Or maybe that special person is really into music just like you are, and it would be super special for them to receive a personalized selection of amazing music.


Make a playlist for someone you hate

Here is a very original activity that requires you to dive into your music knowledge and find the best way to describe your feelings of hatred towards someone.

Songs are not just about love, we all know that, but can you name 5 songs inspired on hate?


Play guitar hero

Procrastinating with style. I mean how cool is this?

You are bored and with spare time, so you have no excuse.

Check out our music player app Revibro, the only one that supports MAF, and find multiple versions of the same song, customizable by you!


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