Why the zenith of Music Collaboration may be around the corner and how can Revibro help it rise.

The music industry is in need of innovation and in this world of globalization, where the access to the internet means unlimited communication, the technology and resources to build a new era in the music history are, today, vast enough.

We’ve seen artists try it all, from multilingual versions of the same pop hits, to spectacular live shows to compensate the fall of record sales, but someone needs to take that step further to set a new standard of vanguard.

We have now the challenge to build a platform where the old and the new can coexist and merge into a more contemporary way of listening to music, integrating the new experiences that our modern world can provide and valuing the precious content that past generations have offered.

The music industry is finally expanding, after many years of traditionalism, allowing space for innovative ideas.

So from honouring the past to visualizing the future, a few teams around the world have been creating tools to upgrade the music composition process. We are now able to start a revolution, where things are not done the same way as before.

Writing a song can be collaborative, not only by meeting another musician in the studio, but also by working together virtually from distant parts of the world.

The internet has made the world small, or at least distances very short, or just insignificant.

Anyhow, with the possibility of remote working, we only need the right platform to share the compositions and make our creations available to the world.

Here comes Revibro, the project by HolliApps that fusions a traditional music player, with a platform for music collaboration, but adding their biggest innovation with their music format .MAF which allows tracks to stay separated in the same file, being upgradable and modifiable.

This means a song doesn't have to stay the same over time, and it allows new musicians to be added to the compositions, becoming variable and instead of being static it is now, boundless.

This format signifies the chance of many different innovations, one that concerns us today, music collaboration.

Artists from all over the world can get together in the content of a song, and not only that, but if it’s not today, maybe you collaborate in the same song, tomorrow.

This flexibility means a huge step in the manner of how music is done today and it brings an excitement that we haven’t seen in years in the industry.

Imagine a song growing and growing unlimitedly with the help of multiple minds working in unison through time and space.

But Revibro has another twist to the music experience. The third variability is in the hand of the listener. Being able to mute or select tracks inside the song, creating different versions on the go, being able to also download these versions and extending the flexibility which was already there since the collaboration.

Music collaborations has never been easier. Revibro provides the resources, the virtual space to distribute the creations, the format that allows the song to grow and the community of people willing to collaborate with each other.

If you want to take part on this revolution give the app a try buy downloading it for free from the Google Play store.

A new type of music collaboration is awaiting on the other side.





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